DD DJ35A & DD DJ44A 2.5/4.4 adapters Review

Audio industry standards have changed completely over time like the versions of USB. From mono to stereo and from unbalanced to balanced. 2019 is the year of wireless audio and more and more music lovers moving towards wireless audio. For serious Audiophiles, the wired connection is still the best and authentic way of connecting their Headphones/IEMS with the source. 3 main types of headphone / IEM connection dominated the audio industry previously, they are 3.5 mm single-ended, 6.3 mm single-ended and 3 or 4 pin XLR. Now with the popularity of portable hi-fi gears balanced 2.5 mm and 4.4 mm pentaconn are the most preferred connection for manufacturers and buyers. Now the problem is if you have opted for an IEM with a balanced 2.5 mm cable for your new sexy DAP, you can’t use it with your smartphone / old music players. Again if you have purchased a latest portable DAC or DAP with 4.4 mm balanced pentaconn, you can’t use your 2.5 mm cables with them. Adapters are the most useful accessories in these situations but using them on the go or anytime is a boring job. If you really have to use one, it is better to use a small, compact one like DD DJ35A & DD DJ44A 2.5/4.4 adapters.



  • DJ35A – 3.5 mm (3 poles single-ended) Male to 2.5 mm (4 poles balanced) Female adapter,
  • Material – Transparent Shell (PC),
  • Metal Shell (Stainless Steel),
  • Plug – 24 k gold plated copper,
  • Internal Connectors – Flexible gold plated PCB,
  • Weight – 2.5 g,
  • Dimensions – 9 mm x 13 mm x 8.5 mm (L x W x T).
  • DJ44A – 4.4 mm (5 poles balanced) Male to 2.5 mm (4 poles balanced) Female adapter,
  • Material – Transparent Shell (PC),
  • Metal Shell (Stainless Steel),
  • Plug – 24 k gold plated copper,
  • Internal Connectors – Flexible gold plated PCB,
  • Weight – 3.5 g,
  • Dimensions – 16.5 mm x 13 mm x 8.5 mm (L x W x T).

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When comes to presentation, DD and their team have proved that not only a product but also the presentation of a product matters a lot. DJ35A & DD DJ44A comes inside a wooden box and the box has been covered with a brown retro looking sleeve. Inside the wooden box, the adapter has been secured using some shredded Paper flakes and silica get pouch also has been included in the box. Overall the presentation is unique and really good for such an inexpensive product.

Build, Design & Overview

The build is very good, rigid Stainless Steel shell and gold plated plugs. That acrylic round part really looks beautiful in combination with Stainless Steel shell. But don’t try to drop test, otherwise, the acrylic part may break.


Design is unique. Most of these adapters use cables to connect both ends thus becomes almost 10 cm long. Long adapters may useful with desktop sources, but short adapters are mostly preferred with portable sources. There are also some short adapters available but DD implemented the whole idea from a completely different angle which is just awesome. Instead of straight or ‘L’ shaped design, DJ35A and DJ44A shares a ‘T’ shaped design, as a result, these are the smallest adapters of it’s kind. Flexible gold plated ribbon PCB have been used to connect both ends. Some users may concern about the thin PCB ribbons instead of thick cables. But when the length of the connection is really small, the gauge of the connectors really doesn’t matter, like the connections inside a DAC’s audio circuit.

Function-wise both DJ35A and DJ44A perfectly doing its job like other good quality adapters. I have used all my balanced cables especially the Effect Audio Vogue series of cables and existing IEMs, no sound degradation or loss is there. DJ35A and DJ44A didn’t add any coloration or noise too so overall well designed perfect adapters.


DD Hi-Fi products are always well designed, well build and well priced. DD DD DJ35A & DD DJ44A also working flawlessly with every source and in every situation, so without any doubt highly recommended.

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  1. Hi Palash, really liked your review. I am delighted to explore your content. Every piece is well detailed and most importantly contain link to buy. I wanted to buy ddhifi DJ44B, can you suggest some place to buy within India.

      1. Thanks a ton Palash. It is out of stock as on today but I raised an alert ticket at Headphone Zone for DJ44B.

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