Penon Hi-Fi Balanced Adapter

Audio industry introduced new output plug standards time to time.  Sometimes those new plugs introduced features like balanced audio out in portable devices or it just gave the old weak plugs a new rigid makeover. In my case when I first purchased a DAC AMP with 2.5 mm balanced out, all my IEMS were 3.5 mm single ended, so I started purchasing replacement cables with 2. 5 mm plug. Again when I started using iFI XDSD, I realize that now I need a 3.5 mm balanced IEM or Cable to benefit from XDSD’s balanced out. I am sure many of us even have a device with 4.4 pentacon analog out but don’t have any IEM or Cable to use that 4.4 balanced out. Now like USB, audio adapters are also there but either quality of those adapters is not good or not available the exact adapter you looking for. Penon audio recently released 8 such adapters and I got them. So let’s see are these adapters any good?

2.5 mm balanced to 4.4 balanced
3.5 mm balanced to 2.5 mm balanced

8 shares 19 cores Single crystal copper silver- plated cable,
Gold-plated Plug,
Aluminum alloy shell CNC cutting,
Cable length about 8-9cm.

3.5 mm balanced to 4.4 mm balanced

Available type
4.4mm Balanced Male to 2.5mm Balanced Female,
2.5mm Balanced Male to 4.4mm Balanced Female,
2.5mm Balanced Male to 3.5mm Balanced Female,
3.5mm Balanced Male to 4.4mm Balanced Female,
3.5mm Balanced Male to 2.5mm Balanced Female,
3.5mm Audio Male to 4.4mm Balanced Female,
3.5mm Audio Male to 3.5mm Balanced Female,
3.5mm Audio Male to 2.5mm Balanced Female.

4.4 mm balanced to 2.5 mm balanced
3.5 mm unbalanced to 2.5 mm balanced

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Build, Design & Overview
Build is very good, rigid aluminum alloy shell and gold plated plugs. Those Teal color shells really look beautiful in combination with silver cable. 8 core SPC cable is also properly braided and secured using heat shrink tube with the plug. Cable quality is very good.  Plugs are not permanently fixed with shell so that you can see inside if anything goes wrong later. Male and female plugs are neither too tight nor too loose, just perfect. Especially those 4.4 plugs are very good. So design and build wise these adapters are at least good. Sadly I have used before Fiio L2.6 and BL35 and they failed within 2 months of daily usage. The main concern with this adapters are noise, I have used some cheap adapters too before and they are notoriously noisy with sensitive IEMs. Good thing is no such noise in these Penon adapters and luckily end to end Resistance (Not measured) is so low that no such impact over volume is noticed when used with cables.

Penon Hi-Fi adapters are doing its job flawlessly. Everything is just perfect except the price. Yes this adapters are almost 30$ each but I think it’s better to spend 30$ on adapter rather than buying a new 100$ cable.

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