It's always a very critical situation; when I have prepared myself to evaluate a product but instead listening to my playlists for hours without writing anything. Anew U1 is something like that and after almost three months of daily usage, I am doing this review. Anew as a brand is not that popular and very … Continue reading ANEW U1

FiiO FH5

‘Born For Music and Happy’… Yes Fiio born for Music and in 11 year’s life span proved, hi-fi can be possible on budget. Not only aggressive pricing but Fiio also trying to fill every corner of a music lover’s daily life with quality products like BTR3, M7, X7 mkII. Even it’s very easy to get … Continue reading FiiO FH5

Winner IEM

The main focus of this earphone is gaming but manufacturer claimed as it’s an all purpose earphone. Frankly speaking most of us use a single earphone for all our entertainments like watching movies, listening music, making calls and playing online games like PUBG, so it’s good to have an all-rounder earphone in your bag always.  … Continue reading Winner IEM


September16, 2016 Apple announced their iphone 7 without a headphone jack; but why? Because they have the ‘Courage ‘to do so. Wireless innovations knocking our doors and we still thinking about a headphone jack, the immediate answer for a missing headphone jack was Bluetooth headphones/Earphones. We all know the cause /effect theory but one thing … Continue reading AUDIRECT BEAM