Zorloo Ztella DAC

Zorloo the makers of ZuperDAC and ZuperDAC-S has released a press release on September 27, 2019, which featured the smallest Type C DAC to support DSD 5.6 MHz and MQA Decoding. The device is called Zorloo Ztella DAC and on 24th October 2019, it is going to launch it on Kickstarter.

Zorloo Ztella DAC
Photo Source @ Zorloo Official

Type C DACs from various brands started appearing soon after the removal of the headphone jack from flagship Smartphones and I have also reviewed some of them like DD TC 35 and BGVP T01. Whatever the brands claim, these Type C DACs are designed with almost similar internal specifications and only suitable for casual music listening. But Zorloo Ztella seems a step ahead. Let’s see the specifications of Zorloo Ztella.

Photo Source @ Zorloo Official

Specifications of Zorloo Ztella

  • DAC Chip – ESS 9281CPRO,
  • Connector – Type C,
  • Cable – 11cm,
  • Structure – Aluminum,
  • Max Decoding – 32bit 384kHz/ DSD 5.6Mhz,
  • MQA Decoding – Hardware level,
  • USB Protocol – UAC1.0/ 2.0/ 3.0,
  • App Support – Tidal, UAPP, Xiami Music,
  • SNR – 120dB 0.0006% THD+N,
  • Analog Output – 3.5 mm (CTIA Compatible),
  • headphone impedance (1V for < 150 ohms, 2V for >= 150 ohms),
  • Lineout power – 2Vrms,
  • LED indicator (Blue for idle or SD audio <= 48kHz, Red for HD audio > 48kHz, Magenta for MQA content),
  • Compatibility – Windows, Mac OS, Android, IOS (I pad pro with Type C),
  • Weight – 5g,
  • Expected Price  – $89 MQA version and $65 for the standard version.

Kickstarter Link – Here

Photo Source @ Zorloo Official

Disclaimer – As it is a Kickstarter project, Audioglorye.com is not responsible for any kind of mismatch in the final version.

Photo Source @ Zorloo Official

From these specifications and images, it is clear that Zorloo Ztella is going to be one of the best Type C DAC soon. The use of ESS 9281CPRO inside such a small device is challenging and the SNR figures are also very good. In terms of output power, this small device is going to be an ideal choice for most of the IEM or Headphones.

Zorloo Ztella MQA
Photo Source @ Zorloo Official

It is not clear that either the non-MQA version has the same DAC chip and limited by firmware or totally different hardware inside. Price is almost similar in comparison to products like Ibasso DC02 but the added MQA function is something present only in, expensive portable DACs, like Audioquest Dragonfly Black.

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