Effect Audio doesn’t need any introduction in our hi-fi community; they are one of the leaders of premium hi-fi cables right now. IEM brands like EmpireEars, VISION EARS & Jomo Audio also including Effect Audio cables with their premium in ear monitors. Quality is the top priority in any Effect Audio products and you also have to spend premium for their products.

This time Effect Audio came up with something interesting for beginners or budget audiophiles. Effect Audio launched a trade up program at Canjam NYC this year and later in February for their dealer over the globe. I am fortunate enough that Effect Audio’s Indian dealer Headphonezone conducted same program for us and after waiting for almost 30 days got my Effect Audio Origin in exchange of a old stock cable for only 50$, which is unbelievable.

Effect Audio Origin


  • Connector – 2 pin or MMCX,
  • Termination – 2.5mm or 3.5mm,
  • 28 AWG,
  • UPOCC Silver Plated Copper,
  • Multi Stranded Litz,
  • EA Ultra-Flexi Insulation,
  • Customized EA Plugs,
  • Weight – 22 grams approx.

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Effect Audio Origin

IEMs used with Origin in this review

Ibasso it04, Campfire Audio Andromeda, Fiio FH5 and Anew U1.

Effect Audio Origin

Presentation, Design & Build Quality 

Effect Audio Origin cable comes inside a 16mm x 22mm brown zip locked Kraft pouch and specifications also printed back of that pouch. Origin is a hand braided, machine terminated 4 wire cable. Litz wire quality is very good and braiding is just perfect. Gold plated 3.5mm Plug and MMCX connectors are also very high in quality. Good to see that chin slider, Y splitter and 3.5 mm plugs are not that bulky. Ear hook part is also very soft. Overall the quality is very good for such an inexpensive product.

Effect Audio Origin


Hi-fi cables and their effects over stock cable is a controversial topic. Personally I can hear those minor improvements but few of us can’t, so keeping aside those controversies here are some sonic improvements I have noticed while using Origin cable with different IEMS.
The first thing I have noticed is a 1 or 2 db gain boost over stock cable from same source and same position of the volume knob. Other than that improvement is there in higher frequency and Mids. Treble part is now much smoother yet sparkling and unwanted harshness is eliminated. Mids are also controlled and sweeter than before, but didn’t notice any such improvement on lower frequency side. A slight increase of sound stage is also noticeable.


Personally didn’t expected that much from Origin when ordering; even the waiting time was too long but after using it, now I want 4/5 Origin for all of my IEMS. Definitely Origin is the perfect entry into the hi-fi cable arena. I would like to see a same single crystal copper Origin version too in future.

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