Final MMCX Assist Review

When we think about connecting IEMs with their cables, MMCX or 2 pin connections are the most commonly used methods. While most of the custom in-ear monitor manufacturers use 2 pin connections, MMCX still a better solution for universal fit IEMS. What is a better connection MMCX or 2 pin? this is a controversial topic and the choice differs from brand to brand.

Final MMCX Assist

 The installation process of 2 pin cables with IEM is a hassle-free job but not the most secure way of connecting the cable. MMCX is the safest but the detaching process is not as smooth as 2 pins. 2 pin cables also have orientation issue and if the IEM crossover doesn’t support reverse polarity, then the wrong orientation could damage the drivers too. No such issue with MMCX though, but as the installation process is not so smooth, the life of MMCX plugs on the cable or in the IEM is less in comparison to the 2 pin plugs.

Let’s talk, why it is not so easy to attaching and removing the MMCX plugs. Though it’s universal, still the size of the nozzle/pin or the lock ring is not always the same and as a result, needs lots of patience and force to attach and remove the MMCX plugs from the IEM. I have used to use my fingernails always but once pull the cable so hard that the female MMCX plug came straight out of the IEM after broken off it. So removing is the most horrifying part of the whole process.

But recently Final Audio came out with a fantastic tool that made the MMCX plug removing process so easy that, I wonder why still other brands didn’t develop such types of tools.

The tool is called Final MMCX Assist, small plastic tools with which you can easily detach the MMCX cable from your IEM.

See the Final MMCX Assist in action.

Final Audio’s engineering team did a commendable job developing a small yet effective tool for the audiophile community but it would be nice if they could release the 3D printable design file so that anyone can make one of him.

Product Link – Here

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