HE 150ohm HiFi Earbud Review

As its name describes HE 150ohm HiFi Earbud is a 150ohms earbud and really need plenty of juice to unlock its potentials. To give it proper juice I have used my Cmoy Headphone amp, XRK class A pocket headphone amp and source was Phone, Audioquest Dragonfly Black V1.5 with PC and Fiio X1 Mk2. This time I gave it a burn in for almost 100 hours and started serious listening.

HE 150ohm HiFi Earbud


  • Unit diameter: 15.4mm
  • Impedance: ≈150ohm
  • Cable Material: Handmade twisted wire
  • Sensitivity:120+-5 db
  • Frequency range: 16-23000Hz

What’s inside the box?

  • HE 150ohm HiFi Earbud,
  • 3 pairs of foam cushions,
  • 2 pairs of donut foam cushions.
HE 150ohm HiFi Earbud

HE 150ohm HiFi Earbud

Tracks / Albums used for this review

Michael Jackson – Thriller
Devin Dawson – Dark Horse
B. B. King & Eric Clapton – Riding with the King
Etta James – At Last!
Jeff Buckley – Grace
Sting – Sacred Love
The Beatles – Abbey Road (Remastered)
Nadeem & Shravan – Pardesh ( Indian movie soundtrack )

Buying Linkhttps://penonaudio.com/he-150ohm.html

HE 150ohm HiFi Earbud


Nothing fancy, rather normal for the price. MX500 driver shell is used. The cable is thick and no signs of microphonics .



Lower End is the strongest part of HE 150ohm HiFi Earbud . The Bass is fast and no compromise is done in mid and sub – bass section. Bass is tight and well controlled. The song ‘Dangerous’ by Michael Jackson, where you can easily notice this predominant presence of sub-bass and mid-bass .


Out of the box mid section a bit loose but after burn in everything changed , vocals are now clear and a bit forwarded. I enjoyed the entire album ‘At Last!’ by Etta james , specially the song ‘ Trust in me’ . B. B. King lovers just give it a try, I can assure ,you going to love it.


Again I am saying HE 150ohm HiFi Earbud really needs burn in to shine . Highs are a bit sharp but not Sibilant. To me the sparkling treble is good when you listening songs like ‘ All On Me ‘ bt Davin Dawson.


Very wide soundstage. No doubt it is superior than all the earbuds I have when comes to soundstage.

HE 150ohm HiFi Earbud


VE Monk lite 120 ohms white limited edition

Why VE monk lite 120 ohms ? Because it is a 120 ohms earbud and price is almost same. I prefer Monk lite edition than Monk plus for its comfort and better tonality. But when comparing with HE150, suddenly a great amount of sub-bass can be noticed in HE150 which is missing in Monk lite 120 ohms . Bass is fast and full of energy in HE150.

Mid section of HE150 and Monk lite 120 is quite similar but HE150 brings better clarity and a bit forwarded. Upper end of Monk lite 120 ohms is smooth but He150 is sometime a bit sharp (non fatigue). Overall they are close but HE150 provide better soundstage and fun to listen.


For 15 $ , HE 150ohm HiFi Earbud is a steal. Must have for someone who always in search of great amount of Bass in earbuds. Still being a warm sounding earbud no compromise in Mids. Maybe it doesn’t look fancy but sounds so good. Highly recommended.

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