After ISN Audio C16, this is again another 16 core cable from ISN Audio. C16 was a very good cable and H16 is the hybrid version of 16 series cables. My all-time favorite sub 50$ hybrid 8 core cable is Penon CS819 but it’s hard to believe that even a 16 core cable is possible under 50$. ISN Audio products are remarkable for their price to performance ratio, Rambo earbud is a perfect example of that.  Today for review I got ISN Audio H16 and I would like to thank Penon audio for sending it to review.

ISN Audio H16 Cable


  • Connector – 2 pin 0.78mm or MMCX,
  • Termination – 2.5mm / 3.5mm / 4.4 MM,
  • Material – OCC & Silver-plated Mixed Braided,
  • Number of cores – 16 shares, the single share are 19 cores, a total of 16 × 19,
  • Cable length – 1.2M,
  • Weight – 50 grams approx,
  • Resistance – 0.4 ohms for Copper, 0.2 ohms approx for Silver (Test instrument – Sigma Electronics 53C micro-ohms meter).

Buying Link – Here

IEMs used with Origin in this review

  • Fiio FH5,
  • Anew U1,
  • LZ Z04A ,
  • BGVP DM6.
ISN Audio H16 Cable

Presentation, Design & Build Quality

All ISN Audio product boxes are just same, 120mm x 75 mm X 40 mm blue box with transparent window and specifications printed backside of the box. C16 core cable was around 56 grams but surprisingly H16 is a bit lighter in weight. From 3.5 mm plug to Y splitter machine braided then hand braided quite nicely. H16 is also a medium soft cable with very solid 3.5 mm plug. The chin slider is still tight and no ear hook is there near MMCX plugs, black MMCX connectors are very high in quality the too. Still, the cable tie is missing.


Disclaimer – I am not responsible if your ears can’t figure out subtle changes after any cable swap. I believe in snake oils too. Mids have been highly benefited with H16 and it can be noticed as soon as you hook up your IEM. Bass is more punchy and controlled now. H16 added more body to Mids and feels thicker and forwarded than before. Higher frequency area is now totally smooth, H16 is ideal with bright IEMS but can steal sparkle too. More clarity in tracks with little more wider soundstage in LZ Z04A,  BGVP DM6.

ISN Audio H16 Cable


16 core cables are heavy but solid on the other hand. ISN Audio H16 improves the Mids and reduce the harshness from your existing IEMs, so if you can carry a 16 core cable, go grab one and enjoy the smooth velvet sound.

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