Whizzer A-HE03 Kylin Review

The real name of Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 is Batman earphone, right? No just kidding (Whizzer logo really looks like Batman’s logo). Kylin name is enough than A-HE03 for me. Before Kylin I have heard about their A-15 model but was not fortunate enough to try.

Now whatever Whizzer doing one thing is clear that their earphones are at least very beautiful and well built. From box to packaging and from cable to earphone shell everything is crafted very carefully and feel premium in hand.

Whizzer A-HE03 Kylin


  • Model – A-HE03,
  • Material – Aluminum magnesium alloy,
  • Driver – 10.0mm Beryllium Dynamic driver + Knowles 2BA,
  • Sensitivity – 98 dB SPL/mW,
  • Impedance – 28 Ω,
  • Frequency response range – 12Hz-40 KHz,
  • Connector – 2Pin,
  • Plug – 3.5mm L type,
  • Cable – 120 cm 5N OFC+SPC 120mm braided line,
  • Outer packing size – 160X140X80(mm).

Buying Link – Here

Whizzer A-HE03 Kylin

What’s in the Box?

  • Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 (Silver dark Blue/ Gray),
  • 0.78mm 2-pin 5N OFC+SPC cable,
  • Leather Case,
  • 3 Pairs of silicone ear tips (S, M & L),
  • 2 Pairs of Foam ear tips,
  • Warranty and User Manual.


Tips always play an important role to create the overall sound output and same thing happened with Kylin, narrow bore tips changed its sound a bit. I have described the tip rolling effects in sound analysis part later.


The cable is just beautiful. Whizzer maintained that gray and gold color scheme from plug to end 2 pin connector and its giving the cable a premium look. L shaped 3.5 mm plug ( 5N OFC & SPC written on it), twisted hybrid cable , Kylin branded Y splitter, light weight chin slider & soft ear hook everything is just perfect.

The cable is medium soft and not so thick. 0.78 mm 2 pin connectors are used but design is not conventional. You can use a third party 2 pin cable but it’s not going to fit flush with the IEM and that’s why me didn’t tried Kylin with different cables.

Design / Build

Hats off to Whizzer for their fresh design, even reputed brands using clone designs again and again for their new IEMS now a days. All Wizzer products are created with a new concept and fresh design which really demand our appreciation.

Kylin is no exception. Unique colors, edgy design, smooth body, brass nozzle & shinny Whizzer logo… wow such a beautiful design. The shell is made out of two parts CNC machined Aluminum-magnesium alloy, its strong and light weight. One thing is unfortunate though, Kylin shells are really small and doesn’t want to fit properly in large ears but once it fits then really comfortable for long listening sessions.

Gear Used

  • Kylin is easy to drive and I have used,
  • DAP – Fiio M3K, Cayin N3, Iphone SE.
  • DAC AMP combo with PC – Fiio Q1 Mk2+ Topping NX3s stack, Audioquest Dragonfly Black, Fiio Q5, Schiit Modi 3+ XRK class a stack.

Tracks / Albums Listened –

  • Eagles – The Very Best Of The Eagles
  • Eric Clapton – Riding With The King (Tidal MQA)
  • Etta James – At Last!
  • Jeff Buckley – Grace
  • Michael Jackson – Thriller
  • Phil Collins – The Singles (Expanded)
  • Sia – This Is Acting (Deluxe Version)
  • Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour
  • Legends- Elton John
  • Michael McDonald – Wide Open
  • Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
  • Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
  • Sting – The Best of 25 Years
Whizzer A-HE03 Kylin


Hybrid IEMs are everywhere now, from 20$ to 200$. Manufacturers trying different combinations and different materials/ different B.A units to achieve a perfect blend in their products. It’s mentioned by Whizzer that a 10 mm Beryllium Dynamic driver is used for lower frequency part and two Knowles (TWFK-30017-000) drivers for Mids and Highs.

I have not used any IEM before that have used Beryllium Dynamic driver, so was a bit curious about its performance but now really didn’t get why manufacturers are actually running behind this Beryllium Dynamic driver. Sonically Whizzer is a ‘V’ shaped tuned IEM, still it has some elements to cherish.


With stock like wide bore tips lower frequency response is more than enough, quantity is way higher than its quality. Mid bass and Sub bass region is way more emphasized but texture is at least there. Quality wise it’s not that great though. The decay is slow but mostly accurate. Try to avoid warm sources like Cayin N3 with Kylin.

For example songs like ‘Instant Crush’ by Daft Punk and ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson gave me headphone like bass which is very much enjoyable. Now if you don’t want Bass to spoil all your music you can use a pair of narrow bore tips. I have noticed a small drop in mid bass region with narrow bore tips.


Midrange is undoubtedly recessed. Upper mid is forwarded than lower mids as a result male vocals sound less energetic. Female vocals are much more clear, lively and natural than male vocals. Kylin managed to reproduce good amount of space and micro details in upper mid range.

For example Michael McDonald’s ‘Just Strong Enough’ with Kylin sounding less resolving but songs like ‘Confetti’ by Sia is much more clear .Personally I suggest narrow bore tips again , with narrow bore tips male vocals improved a bit and harshness from female vocals are almost gone.


Treble is well extended and like we expect from a B.A driver. The higher frequency part is airy and good amount of space can be noticed but no particular spike is there, speed and accuracy is also good. With narrow bore tips Kylin is a bit sibilant.

Songs like ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac, ‘Key to the Highway’ by B.B. King and Eric Clapton sounding ok but still treble part is a bit dry, somehow the sparkling effect is missing.

Soundstage & Imaging

Soundstage it’s moderate, with some tracks feels wide but not super wide. Imaging is very good, every instrument can be identified and Kylin managed to handle complex tracks quite easily.

Whizzer A-HE03 Kylin

Tape Mod

Air pressure vents are also important to achieve desired tuning. I have tried blocking these vents and managed to get desired results from different IEMs before. Same thing happen with Kylin too. Two air vents are there in Kylin and here are some combinations that I have tried and the results are –

  • Vent near 2 pin connector blocked using tape – Now treble is way lower than before.
  • Vent near the nozzle blocked using tape – Now sub bass increased a lot.( Not desired)
  • Both vents closed using tape and with narrow bore tips – Now good controlled bass with sparkling treble, mids now even more forward then before and better details too. (My favorite)


Undoubtedly Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 is a very well designed and good looking earphone. Accessories are also very good & beautiful; sonically it’s a safe/decent one too. 159 $ may a bit higher price but still I can recommend it easily. Bass lovers can go for Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 without any hesitation.

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