Good sound for an affordable price, this is my concern when buying a new IEM. Maybe this concern is in trend and BGVP ( Budget Gears For Various Personalities ) is now a well-known brand for their affordable and audiophile grade IEMs. BGVP DM6 is their first sensational product which has created a new standard among some highly priced well known IEMS. Today for review I got DM6 and I would like to thank Linsoul audio for sending it.

 DM6 is not a conventional IEM like manufactured using injection molding or CNC milled, it’s made out of 3D printed resin and then hand tuned. Personalization of DM6 is pro level. Universal, Custom fit, custom color, Custom face-plate, custom tuning anything you want can be done after paying some extra cash. One thing I can’t understand why this model named as ‘DM6’? no ‘D’ does not stand for dynamic drivers and each side has only 5 B.A drivers instead of 6.



  • Brand – BGVP,
  • Model – DM6,
  • Headphone sound principle – 5 Balanced Armature, Knowles (22955+30017),
  • Sensitivity – 122dB/mW,
  • Frequency Response Range -10-400000Hz,
  • Impedance – 20Ω,
  • Distortion  – < 0.5%,
  • Plug diameter – 3.5 mm,
  • Cable type –  8 Core OCC & Silver-plated Mixed Braided Hi-Fi MMCX Earphone Upgrade Cable,
  • Cable length – 125 cm,
  • Plug Type – straight plug,
  • Waterproof performance – IPX3 ,
  • Dustproof performance – IP3X.

What’s in the Box?

  • BGVP DM6 IEMs ( Transparent Green ) in this case,
  • 3 Pairs of silicone ear tips (S, M, L) wide bore,
  • 3 Pairs of silicone ear tips (S, M, L) narrow bore,
  • 1 Pairs of Memory foam ear tips,
  • Cleaning brush,
  • Cable (As per your selection),
  • Paper works.

Buying LinkHere.

Presentation, Design & Build Quality

Presentation is simple and elegant. Everything has been packed inside a recycled paper box secured by foams. Tips, cables also have been separately packed inside the box in their own separate plastic pouches.


BGVP provided lots of tips and they are pretty good. I have used those wide bore tips most of the times in this review. Wide bore tips are must for DM6 otherwise lots of things missing throughout the whole frequency spectrum (different tips behaved differently with BGVP DM6 and I have described it in the sound analysis part, later in this review). Isolation is important to get the better sound too so use tips according to your ear canal and comfort.


The cable failed to impress me. Yes, it looks good but sonically trash. Just stay away from it. I have used Effect Audio Origin cable for this review. DM6 is not efficient in this sense, it changes according to your cable, tip and source selection. BGVP DM6 sounded best with ISN Audio S8, Effect Audio Origin so far.


First thing first, it may seem from pictures that the IEM is small; no it’s not, still, it managed to fit in my small ears very well.  Design is like a conventional expensive Universal InEar Monitor. Trishelle structure and face-plate design have been applied, the face-plate is fused with the shell such a way that it seems a single acrylic piece and giving it those IPX dust and waterproof ratings. The smooth rounding edges and CIEM like design are actually very good. They are very comfortable to wear for a long time.

Dm6 is made out of 3D printing resin but as per my understanding, these resin shells are not scratch proof so better handle DM6 carefully or choose colorful options.  Two independent sound bores from all BA drivers can be seen clearly from outside. It also can be seen that BGVP has used green sound dampeners inside the tube of Knowles BA driver. The total size of the nozzle is a bit medium in diameter and slightly angled. Lip on the nozzle helping holding the tips but filter mesh is missing so clean your DM6 daily after using it. BTW the MMCX plugs are good and easy to plug and unplug.



 DM6 is easy to drive but be aware it’s a naughty boy; it changes itself accordingly its source. I have used,

  • DAP – Hiby R6, Ibasso DX150.
  • DAC AMP combo with PC – Fiio Q1 Mk2+ Topping NX3s stack, Audioquest Dragonfly Black, Fiio Q5, Schiit Modi 3+ XRK class A stack.

Tracks / Albums Listened

  • Adele – 21 ,
  • Eagles – The Very Best Of The Eagles ,
  • Eric Clapton – Riding With The King (Tidal MQA) ,
  • Eric Clapton – Unplugged (1992),
  • Etta James – At Last! ,
  • Michael Jackson – Scream ,
  • Sia – This Is Acting (Deluxe Version) ,
  • Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour ,
  • Legends- Elton John ,
  • Michael McDonald – Wide Open ,
  • Daft Punk – Random Access Memories,
  • Fleetwood Mac – Rumours ,
  • Sting-The Best of 25 Years .


‘Expensive tuning’ … what does it mean? Form my limited experience, I have experienced most of the well-known flagship in-ear monitors are tuned either neutral or close to neutral. DM6 can reproduce that close to neutral tuning with proper tips, cable, and source. Ok, let’s talk about the sound now.



With stock cable & narrow bore tips lower frequency response is disappointing, not even enough quantity to please. As soon as you change the cable to an SPC cable and wide bore tips suddenly now DM6 producing sufficient amount of bass with demanding tracks. Now the texture is much more prominent. Quality wise it’s very good now. Sub-bass rumble is not exaggerated and has presented in a neutral way. The decay is fast and accurate. Mid-bass is more prominent in DM6 than sub-bass. Hiby R6 and Q1 mk2 +Topping NX3s stack giving DM6 the proper boost in lower frequency and with such sources DM6 is now a different beast.

For example songs like ‘Instant Crush’ by Daft Punk and ‘Dangerous’ by Michael Jackson packed with lower frequency slams and DM6 managed to justify those tracks easily.


Midrange is undoubtedly recessed a bit with the stock cable but after changing cable and tips it’s now much more balanced with other parts of frequency. Upper mid have been forwarded than lower mids, male vocals sit behind the female vocals but no harshness noticed in female vocals. Vocals are crisp and natural. Dm6 has managed to bring a good amount of space and micro details in mid-range. I like full-bodied mid-range but still, I like DM6’s natural representation.

For example, Kacey Musgraves’s ‘Golden Hour’ is one of my favorite album and with DM6 its sounding fantastic. Artists like Etta James, B.B. King sounding just amazing now with DM6.


Treble is the most controversial part of DM6. In early reviews, no one told that there are treble spikes present in DM6 but later few users pointed out that. Personally with stock cable I have also experienced those spikes. After changing a few cables now I am happy with Effect Audio Origin. With Origin, treble is totally controlled and the sparkle is now mind-blowing. The higher frequency part is now airy and a good amount of space is there. Speed and accuracy are just fantastic now. It’s like a magic…. The worst part now became the most beautiful feature of DM6.

For example songs like ‘Take it Easy’ by Eagles, ‘Key to the Highway’ by B.B. King and Eric Clapton is now something extravagant and I never experienced them before.


Soundstage & Imaging

Out of box DM6 is not that wide in terms of soundstage, Effect Audio Origin added some value to increase soundstage now soundstage is more and more natural. Imaging in another hand very good. Each and every instrument can be clearly identified. Busy tracks handled properly and each and every note is well articulated.


FH5 Vs DM6

Comparing BGVP DM6 with Fh5 is like comparing apples with oranges. Fh5 metal shell durable than DM6 but custom design and colorful options giving DM6 more premium and modern look. Fh5 is heavier than Dm6 and Dm6 is way more comfortable than FH5. Accessory wise Fiio nailed it; you don’t have to search further for proper tips and cable. Sound wise Fh5 is a darker sounding earphone and more focused on Bass. Sub-bass section is richer and textured in fh5 where DM6’s lower frequency is much more controlled.

Mid-frequency has been forwarded in Fh5 , in Dm6 it’s a bit recessed but with proper tip and cable this problem also can be removed. Higher frequency is where DM6 is a clear winner. Fh5’s treble section is rolled off but in DM6 it’s sparkling. So those who want bass and midrange focused earphone can choose Fh5 but for a neutral taste, DM6 performed way better than its price.


Now the final question, is BGVP DM6 a giant killer? I would say No but DM6 performing way better than its price. For such a price DM6 can deliver audiophile grade sound with proper cable and tips. I wouldn’t recommend a 100$ cable with DM6; better use ISN Audio S8, it is perfect for DM6 and very affordable. Finally, if you like a neural IEM that can justify most of your music DM6 may be the best one.

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