Moonbuds Kingslayer Review

“I was just talkin’ to the moon 
Hopin’ someday soon that I’d be over 
The memory of you-too hard to hold 
And the wind across the plains 
Is all that now remains”

Talking to the moon by Don Henly

My first contact with Moonbuds happened on last February by their flagship ‘Heron’ Earbud. No doubt it was a splendid experience for me. Personally, I am an Earbud lover because of Earbuds always helpful either I am walking on the streets or working inside the cubicle.

IEMS and Headphones have their own space and time in my daily music journey but Earbuds are an all-time companion. Recently Moonbuds launched few new Earbud models like Moonbuds Kingslayer & Super Nightingale and I would like to thanks Moon Harvester for sending me a unit of Moonbuds Kingslayer to review this time.

Moonbuds Kingslayer

Specifications Of Moonbuds Kingslayer

  • Driver – 15.38 MM (Made in JAPAN),
  • Impedance – 32Ω,
  • Frequency Response – 19 Hz to 21 kHz,
  • Sound pressure level: 98.5db 0.18v 1 kHz,
  • Wire – Beautiful hand braided wire,
  • Cable Length: 1 M,
  • Plug: 3.5 mm Gold plated.

Buying Link – Contact manufacturer through his Facebook page.  Here

What’s inside the Box of Moonbuds Kingslayer ?

  • Moonbuds Kingslayer Earbud,
  • Lots of foam tips,
  • Leather cable organizer,
  • 1 Durable Leather Carry case.

Source For Moonbuds Kingslayer

Moonbuds Kingslayer is relatively easy to drive and most of the devices can run it easily. I have used my Fiio Q5, Dethonray Dtr1 Prelude, Modi 3 + Topping NX3s and iPhone SE to evaluate Kingslayer.  50 Hours of Burn-in has been done before starting any serious listening.

Tracks/ Albums used for this Review

  •  ‘I Can’t Stand Still’ – Don Henley,
  • ‘Hotel California’ – Eagles,
  • ‘The Very Best Of The Eagles’ – Eagles,
  • ‘The Best Of Me’ – Bryan Adams,
  • ‘Acoustic Live’ – Nils Lofgren,
  • ‘The Singles (Expanded)’ – Phil Collins,
  • ‘At Last!’ – Etta James,
  • ‘FRIENDS’ – Marshmello, Anne-Marie,
  • ‘Paradise ‘ – Coldplay,
  • ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ – Sam Cooke,
  • ‘Long As I Can See The Light’ – Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Calling All My Lovelies’ – Bruno Mars.

Presentation, Design & Build Quality

Presentation is simple but premium. Hand-crafted Earbud with mx500 shell, beautifully braided cable, a leather cable organizer and a bunch of colorful foam pads have been packed inside a personalized leather carry case. Mx500 shell is the most common shell in the market and fits most of the ears perfectly.

The most prominent and attractive design element in Moonbuds earbud is its selection of cables. Each and every cable is unique and beautiful but last time my main concern was with Heron’s cable, as it was a bit softer side but this time Moonbuds improved the cable quality too. The improvement also can be noticed on the chin slider and 3.5 mm plug. Overall Moonbuds Kingslayer can be sub 100$ Earbud but comes with better build quality than its predecessors.

Moonbuds Kingslayer


Burn-in may be controversial or questionable for some users but personally, I have seen major improvements after the burn-in period, especially in Earbuds. After 50 hours of burn-in improvement in Mids can be noticed in Kingslayer too. So after burn-in, Kingslayer is now almost a balanced sounding Earbud. Now let’s talk segment wise, how actually Kingslayer is performing.

Moonbuds Kingslayer


Bass is tight and punchy with good textures. Both quality and quantity are sufficient. Emphasis on the mid-bass region than sub-bass and so rumble is minimum, no such sudden boost in 100 to 250 Hz range hence its less boomy. Speed is fast and accurate. Listening to the song ‘Calling All My Lovelies’ by Bruno Mars on Kingslayer was quite surprising, the attack and speed are impressive.


Mids in Kingslayer is transparent and almost natural. Out of the box, the midrange is recessed a bit but after burn-in now this sense of recession almost vanished. Upper Mid has been forwarded slightly than lower Mids resulting female vocals sounding sharper than male vocals. Vocals are crisp, energetic and less colored.

The song  ‘Talking to the moon ‘ by Don Henly on Kingslayer was smooth where the song like ‘ My Dearest Darling’ by Etta James was crisp and full of energy.


Upper frequency is well extended, some emphasis is also there but no sibilance of fatigue while listening for long sessions. Lower frequency part is quite consistent and no sudden peak is there still the treble part is a bit dry. Well mastered tracks sounding very good while poorly recorded tracks suffer too much. For those who appreciate shimmer would appreciate Kingslayer for sure.

Soundstage & Imaging

Soundstage in Kingslayer is wide and Spacious, but Lack of depth and height is also present.  Kingslayer is capable of producing moderate space between voice and Instruments. Instrument separation is good and performed well with busy songs like ‘Victim of Love’ by Eagles. Micro detail retrieval is also excellent.


Moonbuds Kingslayer Vs ISN Audio Rambo

Rambo is priced around 65$ and cheaper than Kingslayer. Soundwise they are not similar at all. Rambo is more focused on vocals where kingslayer is an all-rounder. The lushness of Mids and sparkle of the treble of Rambo is missing in Kingslayer but Kingslayer is a clear winner when Bass is a concern. The soundstage is also better in Kingslayer.


Moonbuds Earbuds are always an excellent example of craftsmanship with good sound. With Kingslayer, Moonbuds managed to bring such a high level of craftsmanship even under 100$ price point. Soundwise, Kingslayer tuned such a way that anyone can enjoy it with his playlist.

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