TRN B20S Pro Review

I often think; what is more important, the technology or the way that technology gets into our daily life. Like Bluetooth as a technology is not new to us. But see how it breaking its limitations every day to provide true wireless and efficient solutions to us. As you know, wireless earphones ruled the Year 2019 and 2020 and still rising in 2021. The wireless audio solutions including TWS Earbuds, neckbands are widely popular nowadays but the ear-hook modular type Bluetooth audio receivers drawing my attention recently. One such product i.e. TRN B20S Pro, an extraordinary example of an affordable, modular, and convenient Bluetooth audio receiver that has knocked on my door recently for review. So let’s see what it has to offer. Please note that this unit has been provided by TRN Official for review.

TRN B20S Pro

Specifications of TRN B20S Pro

  • Brand – TRN,
  • Model – B20S Pro,
  • Size – Carry Case – 97mm x 80mm x 40mm (L x W X H), Modules – 52mm x 15mm x 10mm (L x W X H),
  • Weight – 90 Grams (Case + Modules), Modules – 8 Grams each,
  • Material – Fabric (Case), Aluminum & Thermoplastic,
  • Design – Modular,
  • Earphone Connection – 2PIN/MMCX/QDC,
  • Charging – USB Type C female inbuilt,
  • Input Power – 5V/1A (Rated), 5V/0.3A (Actual),
  • BT Version – 5.0,
  • BT Chip – Qualcomm QCC3020,
  • Bluetooth Codec – apteX, ACC, SBC,
  • Bluetooth Range – 10 meters,
  • Battery – 700mAh (Case), 80mAh (Each Modules),
  • Charging time (modules/charging case)-1.5H/2.5-3 H,
  • Standby time (Bluetooth) modules + charging case) – 180H+720H,
  • Playback time (Bluetooth)modules + charging case) – 9H+64H,
  • Microphone Support – Yes,
  • Water Resistance – Yes,
  • Status Led – Yes multicolor,

What’s in the Box?

  • B20S Pro Case,
  • B20S Pro Modules,
  • Mini type C to USB A Charging Cable,
  • Warranty paper &Quick start guide.
TRN B20S Pro

Tested Sources with TRN B20S Pro

Realme C2, Hiby R2.

Tested Gears with TRN B20S Pro

BQEYZ Spring 2, KBEAR Lark, Magaosi K3 HD.

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To showcase the presentation, I have made an unboxing video which you can watch below. The overall presentation is like other TRN products which are simple and elegant.


The main attraction of the TRN B20S Pro is its design. B20S Pro is one of the early devices that adopted such a type of modular design. Or we can say it has gone one step further when comes to modularity by adding the interchangeable ear hooks. So buying only one B20S Pro and some separate ear hooks, now anyone can use it with all of your IEMs without any problem.

TRN B20S Pro
TRN B20S Pro

The carrying and charging case is a bit larger than what we used to see in such products but due to its choice of material, the case is light weighted. TRN has changed a conventional fabric IEM carry case into the battery charging case for B20S Pro. Now the Idea is good but due to its size, the case is not pocketable that much. Inside the case, the two modular BT receivers have been magnetically attached in their cavity and connected to the charger via separated two pins. The magnet is strong and charging pins are properly aligned for hassle-free charging.

TRN B20S Pro

Only one design flaw is there, that is the space for the IEM inside the case is small. If you want to store the IEM attached with the ear hook in the charging case then you have to place the IEMs in an upward manner. Other than that the design is unique and good.

TRN B20S Pro

Build Quality

I have a mixed feeling about the build quality. For the offered price the build quality is good but there are some areas where it needs some improvements. First of all the case is made out of fabric and not so robust, it can handle mild torture but not rough ones. The case also doesn’t have any waterproof elements. The modular receivers have been well built, waterproof but the ear hook part is not so solid. The ear hooks and the connectors of the ear hooks feel very fragile. The good thing is they are easy to replace so TRN should come with some high-quality ear hooks too.

TRN B20S Pro


B20S Pro is not a TWS earphone, it is an ear hook type of TWS module but still very comfortable to wear. Its lightweight (8 g) modules remain hanging from the back of your ear without applying any pressure. Combined with an IEM, it may not so comfortable like a TWS type of earphone but in terms of fit B20S, Pro is much better than a TWS. There is no chance of accidental drop while running or walking. The modules have made out of metal; so in cold weather, they feel cold at first when wearing.

Device Control, Voice Prompt, and Status LED

TRN B20S Pro has all the smart features that we expect from a true wireless product. The charging case has a battery status LED as well as the two receivers have a physical push button and status LED each. Now the various LED status and the button functions are not easy to memorize but not so hard too. B20S Pro also has voice prompt for different activities which is a good thing. Only one thing is missing, that is on the device volume control. You have to control the volume from your source device. Here are all device controls, voice prompts and LED status indications.

Bluetooth Connection

The connection between B20S Pro and the source device is stable. In my intensive usage never seen any drop or cutout in connection. Now as per specifications the connectivity range is 10 meters which I never tested but keeping my phone on the desk and roaming around the hall wearing the B20S Pro, I never faced any connection issues. The good thing is B20S Pro uses two separate connections for both the modules so I can use one side’s module only without any hassle. The pairing is fast and easy too.


All Bluetooth devices have latency but it is so little in TRN B20S Pro, that very hard to notice. In a standard apteX connection the latency should be around 120ms, but B20S Pro using a Qualcomm QCC3020 Bluetooth 5.0 chip and the latency should be below 80ms.

Battery & Charging

While most of the TWS suffer from battery life issues, TRN B20S Pro is a battery monster. The modules are giving me 9 hours plus battery life and still some juice left in one module. The modules took almost 1hour and 50minutes to fully charge while the charging case took almost 3 hours. The fully charged case can charge the module 5 to 6 times too.

Output power and Noise

The output power of TRN B20S Pro is moderate and enough for most of the IEMs. I am running my 32ohms earphones with B20S Pro and they never crossed 80% of the total volume. Faint background noise is present when no media is playing but that noise is inaudible once the music starts playing.


Both the modules of B20S Pro have one microphone each and can be used independently. The performance of the microphone in the B20S Pro is satisfactory. Call quality is crisp and clear.

TRN B20S Pro


When comes to the sound quality of a Bluetooth earphone, no one should compare the sound with wired earphones. TWS earphones may not sound that great like wired earphones. But TRN B20S Pro has one advantage that is; it adopts your existing IEM and turns into a truly wireless earphone. So B20S Pro doesn’t have any sound; but the question is, does it have decreased the sound quality of that wired IEM you just turned wireless with the help of B20S Pro.

TRN B20S Pro

For this review, I have converted 3 of my wired IEMs into wireless earphones with the help of the B20S Pro and compared the sound quality. The sound difference between wired and wireless mode is marginal. If you listen to music mostly via your Smartphone’s headphones out, then you may forget the difference between B20S Pro and the phone’s headphone out. Or B20S Pro could sound you better. Now I listen mostly to my earphones connected via DAC/AMP, so those differences are clear to me. The differences are mostly in output power and resolution which is normal as it is a wireless one.

TRN B20S Pro

In comparison with some other TWS earphones that I have tried earlier, the B20S Pro can give more power and better sound quality from every perspective. So if I have to choose between a new TWS and B20S Pro, I would love to choose B20S Pro for its modularity and good sound quality.


TRN has packed a lot of good things inside B20S Pro. Good design, flexible connectivity, superb battery life, and overall good sound for a very less price. I know some other devices with similar designs and they cost almost twice or thrice than TRN B20S Pro too. The only objection I have is B20S Pro’s ear hooks, TRN should release some better ear hooks next. Other than that B20S Pro is a good deal.

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