DD C-2019 Hi-Fi Carrying Case

I use to carry my IEM, DAP & DAC either in a pelican like a box or inside an HDD carry case while traveling. Pelican hard cases are very good, like the 1050 Micro but not suitable for carrying both DAP/DAC and IEM side by side. Some other Amazon basic, Ugreen cases are also available but recently launched DD C-2019 Hi-Fi Carrying Case is something which I was searching for my 800$ portable setup while traveling.

DD C-2019 Hi-Fi Carrying Case

I have used some other DD products like DD TC 35 and one thing I really like their presentation, i.e. Use of vintage style brown recycled paper boxes and retro style branding on them. DD C-2019 carrying case comes in such a box and has been packed nicely using a plastic pouch. To keep the case intact while shipping, air pillows, and some silica gel have been placed inside too.

DD C-2019 Hi-Fi Carrying Case

Specifications of DD C-2019 Hi-Fi Carrying Case

  • Size – 200 X 100 X 40 mm ( L X W X H) outside , 190 X 90 X 30 ( L X W X H) inside,
  • Aspect Ration – 2.1,
  • Thickness – 4 mm,
  • Wristband – 140mm,
  • Zipper – Dual Stainless Steel,
  • IPX rating – IPX3.

For more information visit the Product page – Here

Amazon Link – Here

DD C-2019 Hi-Fi Carrying Case

The same vintage brown look has been carrying forward on the fabric of the case and looks really gorgeous. The hard outside fabric is a mixture of brown and black but the inner black fabric has a soft finish. The wristband is very strong and the stainless steel zippers are marvelous.

 The main section inside is divided by two Velcro ended removable bars and can be adjusted accordingly. Two rubber straps have been there to hold the devices firmly while carrying.

DD C-2019 Hi-Fi Carrying Case

On the upper section, it has mainly 2 parts. One for cables and another one for adapters. 5 small SD cardholder pockets are also there.

A small cut out has been left to run the IEM cable when the zipper is closed but it has no use to me.


Hi-Fi indeed is a luxury, and I don’t mind to give that luxurious touch to my 800 $ portable setup. An Audiophile’s setup may vary from 10$ to 5000$ but one thing an Audiophile undoubtedly has, his passion for music and music gears. No, this case is not going to add any sound stage or micro details to your setup but if you can afford, I don’t think you can find a premium carrying case like DD C-2019 easily in the market.

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