Back in March 2018, Hiby had launched one of the most successful products Hiby R3 on Kickstarter. They had reached the goal within few days and in August they started shipping the most awaited Hiby R3. Hiby R3 was a first ultra-portable device to include powerful Hi-Fi DAC, LDAC & MQA like features in a small device with a touch screen. We have tested Hiby R3 and it is a really fantastic device for online and offline music playback. Now it’s time for Hiby R3 Pro.

Hiby R3 Pro
Photo Source @Hiby Official

The only drawback we have experienced while using R3 is the low output power and lack of Aptex HD Bluetooth codec. Many people thought that like their Hiby R6 Pro, Hiby could launch a pro version of R3 too. Recently we have seen some development on this device and it is now confirmed that a pro version of Hiby R3 is coming very soon.

Specifications of Hiby R3 Pro

  • Powerful hardware,
  • 3.2” IPS LCD Touch Screen,
  • Physical Control Buttons,
  • Dual CS43131 Cirrus Logics DAC,
  • New Material selection,
  • New Custom FPGA,
  • Higy quality crystal oscillators,
  • UAI Bluetooth Codec,
  • LDAC/ aptex HD/ aptex/ ACC/SBC,
  • Bi-Directional Bluetooth 5.0,
  • MQA decoding,
  • Tidal/Qobuz online music library,
  • Native DSD playback,
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi, DLNA and AirPlay Support,
  • Up to 2TB Expandable Storage,
  • Bi-direction USB DAC function,
  • 1600mha Battery.

Buying Link – Here

Hiby R3 Pro
Photo Source @Hiby Official
Photo Source @Hiby Official


From these limited specifications and images, we can see only major improvements in the hardware part. Dual DAC chip could give more output power and better dynamics. We have to wait for full specifications to know the exact power output figures. Design is the same as Hiby R3 but only now the 2.5 mm out is more durable and comes with metal faceplate like the normal 3.5 mm out.

Photo Source @Hiby Official

Another major update is Dual CS43131 Cirrus Logics DAC instead of ESS9028Q2m single DAC chip. It is obvious that the sound signature is also going to change with the output power. Bluetooth hardware also got some upgrades, and now version 5.0 is has been adopted for more codes and extra bandwidth.

Hiby R3 Pro
Photo Source @Hiby Official


Hiby R3 sometimes suffers from poor wifi networks. Lack of 5 GHz WiFi, streaming was quite difficult in low WiFi zones. It is not clear now either Hiby upgraded to 5 GHz in the Pro model or not. We have to wait a few more days to know the detailed information and price of Hiby R3 pro. So stay tuned.

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4 thoughts on “HIBY R3 Pro”

    1. Expected price is under 250$ but Hiby R3 pro also can replace old Hiby R3 and could be available for 200$. Stay tuned for price.

  1. I have a 512gb card inserted but it will ONLY hold 20000 songs? Is there away around that so I can use all 512 gb?

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