If you never heard of BGVP then you may have been living on another planet so far. DM6 was their most sensational product ever. Other than DM6, BGVP also has some good IEMs like DMG, DMS, DM7, DS1, etc. I have reviewed DM6 earlier and without any doubt can say it is a Giant-killer. BGVP knows how to deliver expensive sound with its simple and affordable products. Recently they have launched a bunch of new products, and T01 USB Type C DAC one of them. I would like to thank Penon Audio for sending me a BGVP T01 unit for this review.


Specifications of BGVP T01

  • Model Number – BGVP T01,
  • DAC Chip – Qualcomm WHS9415 ,
  • Structure – Aluminum,
  • OTG Plugs – Type C USB 2.0/ Micro USB using supplied adapter,
  • Analog Output – 3.5 mm, 2.5 mm Balanced Gold plated,
  • Cable – 4 strands 5N frozen version of single crystal copper wire,
  • Length – 12.8 cm,
  • USB Protocol – UAC 1.0/ 2.0/ 3.0,
  • MAX decoding – 32 bit/384kHz; DSD64 / DSD128,
  • SNR – 123 dB,
  • Distortion THD+N – -105 dBFS, < 0.0003%,
  • Crosstalk: -100 dBFS,
  • Frequency Response – 20Hz-40 kHz,
  • Output Impedance Range – 16 Ω – 600Ω,
  • Rate power – 18-29mA, average 23mA,
  • Compatibility – Windows, Mac OS, Android, IOS (I pad pro with Type C).

What’s in the Box of BGVP T01 ?

  • T01 Type C DAC dongle,
  • USB A (3.0) to type C converter,
  • Type C Female to Micro USB male,
  • Warranty card/ Manual,
  • Quality Qualify Card.

Tested Sources with BGVP T01

 Windows 10 PC, Oneplus 6T, RealMe C2.

Tested Gears with BGVP T01

TFZ My Love 3, LZ Z04A, HE 150 Pro Earbud, Sennheiser HD598.

Buying Link – Here.


BGVP T01 is a plug and play device. No driver required. IOS /Android/ Windows 10 doesn’t need a driver, just plug and play. Make sure the OTG function is turned on. In both Android and Windows keep the volume low before playing any music; the 100% volume is very high. Another important thing; BGVP T01 only starts working after you plug your IEM in the 3.5/2.5 mm port. To use the ASIO function you need to install Qualcomm USB 2.0 driver.

Driver LinkHere.


The presentation is simple; T01 comes in a small white box that has BGVP branding top of it. All specifications including preferred version (3.5mm/ 2.5mm), contact details and serial no are present back of the box. Inside that outer box, the device has been secured in a foam cavity. Beneath the foam a USB type A (USB 3.0) to C converter, a Type C (female) to micro USB (male) adapter, Quality Qualify Card and Manual are present.


Supplied Type C (female) – micro USB (male) adapter is an extra gain which most of the Type C DAC manufacturers don’t supply. This adapter is very useful when you want to use T01 with OTG enabled micro USB budget devices. This adapter separately sold for 10$ and very hard to find, available adapters don’t support OTG function and only works for charging.

Design & Build Quality

Design and build quality are good. Dark grey plugs and matched copper OCC cable complementing each other very well. 4 strands 5N frozen version of single crystal copper wires have been carefully woven but an 8 strands cable could have better options. The connectors have been wrapped in a thick aluminum shell to avoid any radio frequency interference. The overall presentation, design, and build qualities are good for the price.

Output power and Noise

The output power of T01 is very high. Though it is mentioned that it can drive 600Ω loads, which I think is a bit over-exaggerated. It could have 300Ω to 400Ω, and that is enough for most headphones and very good for such a small device. No noticeable noise when used with PC. Surprisingly no heating issue after hours of usage.

Battery Drainage

The Output power of BGVP T01 is very high but surprisingly, the input power requirement is very low. According to specifications, it is average 23mA. In simple words, the input power requirement is around 2% extra power from your smartphone for 1 hour of music playback.

Mic & In-Line Controls

Both the Mic and inline controls work just fine. As soon as you insert an IEM with Microphone, BGVP T1 detects and shows the logo in your Smartphone that it is a headset with mic. Call quality totally depends on the mic of your IEM. If your IEM supports 3 buttons inline control, then you can receive and disconnect the incoming calls by pressing the middle button. The middle button on the IEM cables also supports Play/Pause function when playing music. Vol+ and Vol- also work with 3 buttons inline controls.



For this review, I am using some of my favorite and frequently used IEMS/headphones so that I can easily evaluate the actual sonic characteristics of BGVP T01.  Sonically BGVP T01 is almost balanced with a mild boost in Mids.


The lower frequency part in BGVP T01 is almost flat still, Mid-bass is more focused than sub-bass. Bass is fast, accurate and the decay is perfect. Both in terms of quantity and quality, BGVP T01 is capable of rendering a good amount of energy in tracks. The tight and punchy bass is enough, for even bass lovers.


The mid-range has been packed with lots of micro details and feels slightly forwarded. The details and texture in the Midrange are exceptionally good. Lower-Mids has been more forwarded than Upper-mids that’s why Male vocals are crispier than female vocals. Dull IEMs with BGVP T01 feel more energetic and fun to listen.


The higher frequency part has been beautifully extended and no such harshness is present. The treble part is airy and sparkling. Most of type C DACs available in the market sounds harsh, where BGVP T01 has been trimmed off unnecessary glares from highs; and sounding less fatigue.

Soundstage/ Instrument Separation

The soundstage is wide but not super wide. Instrument separation is excellent and can handle complex tracks too.



Venture Electronics Odyssey

Venture Electronics Odyssey is powerful than BVGVP T01 but sound-wise inferior. Odyssey feels congested and the lack of micro details can easily noticeable. Where Odyssey is bassy, T01 is almost neutral. I haven’t tried the Odyssey HD version but as per my assumptions, it is the same non- HD version but firmware unlocked for 24-bit decoding.

Tempotec Sonata HD/ Hidizs Sonata HD II

Tempotec Sonata Hd and BGVP T01 sound almost same. The main advantages T01 has, are its extended higher frequency,low noise floor, and better detail retrievals. Even when using with PC, no noticeable noise is present in T01. BGVP T01 is also cheaper than Tempotec Sonata HD.

DD TC 35

DD TC 35 is one of the best Type C DAC dongles available in the market. The comparison between BGVP T01 and DD TC 35 is very hard to tell. Both of them are well priced and sounding very good. I think the main difference between them is the sound signature. DD TC 35 is totally neutral with very low bass, but BGVP T01 can produce a good amount of mid-bass with decent IEMS. So the choice is yours.


Recently most of the Hi-Fi product manufacturers have been launching Type C DAC dongles but most of them share the same CS42L42 DAC chip from Cirrus Logic. BGVP T01 is an exception here, the use of Qualcomm DAC not only ensure high decoding bit rates but also most energy efficient. Sound signature is also different from its predecessors. Overall BGVP T01 is a well priced and good sounding device and works with budget micro USB equipped devices too.

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