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Like other audio brands, Hidizs Technology Company Limited from China has been manufacturing affordable and high-quality audio gears for music lovers for a couple of years. Their previous products like Sonata Dongle DAC, DH1000 DAC & AP80 DAP are the most famous ones. I have used both the Sonata HD and DH1000 DAC before and they were super awesome for their price.  Recently Hidizs has also launched some exotic products like AP80 Pro DAP, S8 portable DAC, DH80S MQA DAC, and MS4 earphones. Another product that has drawn my attention i.e., Hidiz’s new H2 Lossless Bluetooth AMP/Receiver. I have tried such kind of lossless Bluetooth receivers from different brands so wanted to see how Hidizs have implemented it in their H2. Luckily Upon request HiFiGo has sent me one unit of H2 for testing. So a big thanks to HiFiGo and let’s evaluates Hidizs H2 now.

Hidizs H2

Specifications of Hidizs H2

  • Color – Black/ White,
  • Material – Glass, and Plastic,
  • Dimension – 32 x 32 x 10 mm,
  • Bluetooth Chip – Qualcomm CSR8675,
  • Bluetooth Version – 5.0,
  • AMP Chip – MAX97220,
  • Output Power – 16mW@32Ω,
  • SNR – 92dB,
  • Crosstalk – 68dB,
  • Bluetooth Codec – UAT, aptX-HD, aptX-LL, LDAC, SBC, CVC,
  • Bluetooth Range – 10m,
  • Headphone Out – 3.5mm,
  • Battery – 160mAh,
  • Battery Life – 7h,
  • Charging time – 1.5h,
  • LED Support – Yes,
  • NFC – Yes,
  • Mic – Yes,
  • USB DAC – Yes,
  • Physical Button – 3 (Power On/Off and Volume Rocker),
  • App Control – Hiby Blue,
  • Standby Support –Yes,
  • Weight – 12g approx. (Without Clip).
Hidizs H2

Product Link – Here

What’s inside the Box of Hidizs H2?

  • H2 Receiver,
  • Acrylic Case / Shirt Clip,
  • Type C to Type C OTG Cable,
  • USB – C charging Cable,
  • Warranty card,
  • User Manual,
  • Quality Check Card.
Hidizs H2


Hidizs H2’s presentation is simple. It comes in an 11×11 cm black paper box and everything has been packed inside it nicely. Branding has been done on top of the box and all the specifications have been printed on the backside of the box in both Chinese and English. After opening the lid of the box you can find the H2 device secured in a foam cavity and beneath the foam, all the accessories have been kept securely too. Good to see simple and proper packaging in such an inexpensive product.

Hidizs H2
Hidizs H2

Design & Build Quality

Hidizs H2 looks very similar to Sony SBH-24. Yes, Hidizs has brought the same classic sony design in its H2 Hi-Res Bluetooth receiver. H2 is a cute little device that has managed to pack everything in its 3.2cm x 3.2 cm body. H2 comes in white and black; I have the white one and looks good too. The design is nice and simple. The combination of glass and plastic is also looking nice on H2.

Hidizs H2
Hidizs H2

The placement of NFC tag, volume rocker buttons, type C port, 3.5mm jack, power button, and microphone is perfect on h2. H2 doesn’t have a unibody clip and instead, the clip is present on the acrylic case. So overall design-wise Hidizs H2 is a flawless device. Build quality is good but don’t expect too much from H2 as it is made out of plastic and glass. The case cum clip is strong and durable too.

Hidizs H2
Hidizs H2
Hidizs H2


It is hard to believe, an inexpensive product like Hidizs H2 could come with so many high-quality accessories. H2 comes with 3 accessories which are; the acrylic case cum clip, USB A to Type-C charging cable, and Type-C to Type-C OTG cable. All the accessories are well made and high in quality.

Tested Sources with Hidizs H2

Windows 10 PC running foobar2000, Realme C2 Phone running Hiby Music app, Hiby R2.

Tested Gears with Hidizs H2

IKKO OH1, BQEYZ SPRING 2, Shanling ME80.

Button Controls & LED Notification and Voice Prompt

Hidizs H2

Hidizs H2 has 3 physical control buttons and you can perform all basic functions through them. The multicolor LED present on H2 also does its job nicely by showing different colors for different codecs, battery levels, and charging status. H2 also has voice prompt support and prompts the basic status from time to time. Here are the all button functions, LED color codes mentioned below.

App Control

Surprisingly Hidizs H2 also has third-party app control support. By installing the Hiby Blue app you can control the device and do a lot of things like turning the Indicator light on/off, applying equalizer, changing voice prompt language, upgrading the firmware, and even turning off the device. The app also shows the Bluetooth signal strength, remaining battery life, and the current codec H2 using while playing music. Frankly speaking, the app is super useful for its users.

Bluetooth Connection and Codecs

Hidizs H2 supports all kinds of Bluetooth codecs like Hiby UAT, apteX, apteX-HD, apteX-LL, LDAC, ALC, SBC, and CVC. Now to use UAT you need a Hiby player or Hiby Music App, I have tried H2 in UAT mode with both my Phone and Hiby R2 and the sound quality is remarkable but the range and connection strength are not that strong. On the other hand, the LDAC and apteX-HD connections between H2 and source are strong and efficient.

Hiby UAT Mode

Microphone & Call Quality

Hidizs has CTIA support, so it supports earphones with a microphone and it also has a cVc microphone near the headphone jack. The call quality using H2’s microphone is crisp and clear and I never faced any lag or shuttering between calls.

Output power & Noise level

The output power of Hidizs H2 is only16mW@32Ω, which is pretty low for a Bluetooth receiver. Now due to its form factor H2 is mostly suitable for easy-to-drive IEMs and while testing with my IKKO OH1, I never used more than 10 step volume (Total 15 step volume in H2) for listening to music. Also no noticeable background noise present in H2.

Battery Life and Charging

Though Hidizs claimed 7 hours of battery life, I am only getting around 6 hours while paired in LDAC mode. Again H2 took around 1 hour and 15 minutes to charge it zero to 100%.

USB DAC & Driver

I had used two Bluetooth reviver DAC before and they also work as USB DAC but the process is not that easy even those DACs don’t come with a proper OTG cable. Hidizs comes with a Type-C to Type-C OTG cable and using H2 as USB DAC is very easy. For a desktop computer running windows 10, it doesn’t need any driver and in Smartphones, it is also plug and play. The best thing is; In USB DAC mode all the buttons in H2 works too.


Whenever I evaluate Bluetooth products, my focuses are more on the products’ usability rather than sound because as we all know wireless audio can’t compete with wired audio mode. From the usability aspect, Hidizs has passed my test, and let’s talk about sound.

Hidizs H2

Sound-wise Hidisz H2 is capable of delivering clean and close to neutral sound. Primarily with H2, I have used my IKKO OH1 (Capable of giving good sub-bass) most of the time and getting a very limited amount of sub-bass but a moderate amount of tight mid-bass was present. So H2 is not going to help IEMs with low sub-bass extension. H2’s midrange is surprisingly good.

Overall a clean, natural, and uncolored midrange are what you can expect from H2. The harmony between the lower and upper midrange is there, as a result, both the male and female vocals sounding detailed and natural. The treble part is not too much extended and treble dominant tracks sounding a bit relaxed. Hidizs H2 could be a savior of your bright IEM. The added soundstage is wide and the instrument separation is also remarkably good for such a tiny device. So overall Hidizs’s sound may not compete with expensive DACs but can give a tough fight to its pricy competitors.

Hidizs H2


Hidizs H2 is a cute little device with tons of features and still costs less. H2 brought everything you want from a modern High-Res Bluetooth receiver, like the features LDAC or USB DAC mode. The battery life and output power could have a bit better but keeping in mind the size and price, I have no complaints.

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