ikko Music Patch ITM05

ikko, a famous audio device manufacturer from Shenzhen China also the makers of great IEMs like ikko OH1 and ikko OH10 has released a press release on November 6, 2019, which featured the compact Type C / Lightning DAC to support 32bit 384 kHz & DSD 256 playback. The device is called ikko Music Patch ITM05 and will be crowdfunding on INDIEGOGO in Dec.

ikko Music Patch ITM05
Photo Source @ ikko official

Compact type C DACs for Android devices from various brands are now widely available but for IOS devices only a few options left. I have reviewed Audirect Beam before which was compatible with IOS devices out of the box but not ultra-portable. ikko Music Patch ITM05 from its early photos seems going to be an ultra-compact solution for iso devices.

Specifications of ikko Music Patch ITM05

  • DAC Chip – Dual CS43198,
  • Connector – Type C & Apple Lightning,
  • Structure – Plastic,
  • Max Decoding – 32bit 384 kHz/ DSD 256,
  • USB Protocol – UAC1.0/ 2.0,
  • SNR – 122dB 0.0008%THD+N,
  • Analog Output Unbalanced – 3.5 mm (CTIA Compatible),
  • Analog Output Balanced 2.5 mm 2,
  • Power input – 26 mW,
  • Support – ios, Android, Windows,
  • Weight – 30g,
  • Size – 1.2 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm (W x H x L),
  • Color – White & Black,
  • Expected Price – Unknown,
  • Available platform – crowdfunding on INDIEGOGO in Dec.
Photo Source @ ikko official

Product page – Here.

From these images, we can see both 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm balanced out is present in ikko ITM05 so no need to buy separate dongles for different IEMs. Both type C and Lightning inputs ports are available to but the main focus is to use it with IOS devices as we can see a male lightning jack is coming out the device. Possibly 5 sticky silicone pads are also present on the device to attach with the Smartphones.

ikko Music Patch ITM05
Photo Source @ ikko official
ikko Music Patch ITM05
Photo Source @ ikko official

As per the specifications, I can say that ITM05 is going to be a good ultra-compact DAC for Android and IOS devices. The use of CS43198 ( Upgraded model of CS4399) inside ITM05 is a great idea because CS DAC chips are very energy efficient and with two of them inside it can output power to drive almost every IEM and headphones. CS DACs are usually sound close to neutral so I can assume that ITM05 would sound similar, but the final verdict can be given after the hands-on the device.

Disclaimer – As it is an INDIEGOGO project, is not responsible for any kind of mismatch in the final version.

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