Recently BGVP has released few new audio gears, some of them are very affordable where others priced premiums. Form their premium products, I have already reviewed BGVP DM6 and also reviewed affordable Type C DAC BGVP T01 a few days ago. BGVP SGZ-DN1S is an upgraded model of BGVP SGZ-DN1 and the second most affordable IEM from BGVP. Today for review I have BGVP SGZ-DN1S and I would like to thank Penon Audio for sending me this unit for review.


Specifications of BGVP SGZ-DN1S

  • Driver unit – One 8MM bialogical diaphragm Dynamic driver + 1 Balanced Armature 30019,
  • Shell Material – Plastic,
  • Colure – Blue/Blue-Black/Black,
  • Rate power – 6mW,
  • Channel difference – ≤1.5db,
  • Distortion rate – <0.5%,
  • Frequency response – 12 Hz- 40KHZ,
  • Impedance – 18Ω,
  • Sensitivity – 106 dB /mW,
  • Cable Length – 1.1m,
  • Cable Material – 32 core OFC,
  • Connector – MMCX,
  • Plug – 3.5mm 4 pin with mic,
  • Weight – 20g.

What’s inside the Box of BGVP SGZ-DN1S ?

  • BGVP SGZ DN1S earphone,
  • 3 pairs of black silicone ear tips (Medium Bore) (S/M/L),
  • 3 pairs of transparent silicone ear tips (Wide Bore) (S/M/L),
  • 3.5 mm MMCX SPC cable with mic,
  • Shirt Clip,
  • Warranty, User Instruction, and quality Control Certificate,
  • User Manual.

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Tracks/ Albums used to BGVP SGZ-DN1S.

  • Tales of America – J.S. Ondara,
  • 25 – Adele,
  • Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits,
  • Robbie Robertson – Sinematic,
  • Daft Punk – Random Access Memories,
  • Michael Jackson – Thriller,
  • Ed Sheeran – ÷ (Deluxe),
  • Fleetwood Mac – Rumours,
  • Fleetwood Mac – Tango In The Night (Deluxe),
  • Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of The Moon (2011 – Remaster),
  • Back To Black – Amy Winehouse,
  • The Beatles – Abbey Road (Remastered),
  • The Best Of Nina Simone – Nina Simone, This Is Acting – Sia.



BGVP SGZ-DN1S comes in a small white box. The size and design are almost the same as BGVP T01’s. BGVP branding top of it and all specifications including color, BGVP contact details, and serial number are printed back of the box. Inside that outer box, the drivers have been secured in a foam cavity. Beneath the foam 3.5 mm MMCX cable with mic, 6 pairs of tips, 1 shirt clip, Quality Qualify Card and Manual are present.


Design is simple, like a universally fit IEM. A two-part design has been applied. The overall shape is like a triangle. I have received the Blue version, which has a transparent outer part and blue faceplate. The entire body part is smooth and no sharp edges are there. The total size is on the medium side. Through the transparent part, we can see the internals, i.e. one dynamic driver, one B.A driver, cross over-circuit and connecting wires.


The blue-colored dynamic driver is very small in size and placed far from the nozzle and an acoustic tube is connecting it with the nozzle. The B.A driver has been placed just in front of the nozzle mesh and no damning tube is there. The size of the nozzle is 5 mm and made out of the same plastic, a dust filter grill has been applied in front of the nozzle too. 3 air vent holes also can be found on the inner side of the shell. As we can see the internal, this is almost empty, so they can easily reduce the entire size of the shell but the left it as it is.


BGVP SGZ-DN1S is completely made out of plastic. Build quality is average. As it is made out of plastic the IEM itself is very lightweight. The female MMCX port is gold plated and good in quality.

The stock cable is also decent. All the wires are inside a transparent jacket and nicely twisted. This is a 4 pin 3.5mm cable with a single-button mic. Mic quality is also decent. Both the 3.5 mm jack and male MMCX plugs are gold plated and very good in quality. For just 30$ the overall build quality is ok.

Supplied ear tips are also decent. Good to see a lot of tips, both narrow and wide bore tips. These tips are soft hence comfortable. I have used wide bore tips mainly this review.

Source, Comfort, Noise Isolation & Tip Selection

BGVP SGZ-DN1S  is only 18Ω and very easy to drive, worked fine with almost all of my sources like RalMe C2 phone, Penon type C earphone DAC cum Cable and BGVP T01 type C DAC. Comfort and noise isolation are too good. BGVP applied their universal IEM designing knowledge in this cheap IEM too and the fit is just awesome.


BGVP SGZ-DN1S Frequency Measurement

The driver configuration of BGVP SGZ-DN1S is 1 dynamic driver and 1 balanced armature driver. The Dynamic driver has been used for low and mid-frequency. The B.A driver has been used for highs. BGVP SGZ-DN1S is overall a ‘U’ shape tuned IEM.


The lower frequency part of BGVP SGZ-DN1S has been forwarded. The emphasis is on the Mids-bass section rather than the sub-bass. Boost from 60Hz to 200 Hz can be clearly seen in the frequency curve. Mid-bass is fast and almost accurate but sub-bass rumble is less. Quality wise the entire lower frequency part is good, good depth and textures are also present in BGVP SGZ-DN1S’s lower frequency part. Overall bass is tight and punchy.

For example in songs like ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson or, ‘I Miss You’ by Adele, the presence of lower frequency and its speed is quite good but definitely not up to the expectation of a boomy bass lover.


The lower midrange is definitely recessed, but not that much like a classic ‘V’ shape tuned IEM. A mild rise in the 3 kHz range has present as a result the upper-mids slightly elevated than lower-mids and that is the reason female vocals sound sharper than male vocals. Solo vocals are crisp full of energy. The entire mid-range sounding almost natural and no coloration present at all.

Songs like ‘Let love Reign’ by Robbie Robertson or ‘I Put a Spell on You’ by Nina Simone sound almost neutral. Though being an almost ‘U’ shape tuned IEM, both vocals and string instruments sound crisp and clear.


The BA driver is placed just in front of the dust mesh and no sound tube or dampeners have been applied; as a result, the higher frequency part is mildly sharp and sparkling. The lower frequency part is detailed, airy and balanced. The presence in 5 kHz range and Brilliance in 10 kHz range is present. Treble is well extended but not spicy. With wide bore tips, any extra glare can be avoided easily. Combined with OE Audio 2Dual OFC cable BGVP SGZ-DN1S’s treble area is now sounding more polished.

BGVP SGZ-DN1S with OE Audio 2Dual OFC Cable.

Soundstage, Imaging & Instrument separation

Both soundstage and Imaging are surprisingly good for BGVP SGZ-DN1S’s price. The soundstage is not super wide but the depth and height are satisfactory. Imaging is also good and every instrument can be clearly identified.



Build-wise BQEYZ K1 is definitely better. K1 is totally made out of metal where BGVP SGZ-DN1S is plastic made. But the stock cable of BGVP SGZ-DN1S is way better than BQEYZ’s. BQEYZ’s stock cable is very fragile and totally useless. BGVP SGZ-DN1S’s stock cable is durable and doesn’t have any bad impact on the sound. BGVP SGZ-DN1S also comes with better accessories. In fit and comfort, BGVP SGZ-DN1S also has an advantage due to its universal design and lightweight.

Sound-wise BGVP SGZ-DN1S is definitely more refined. In comparison with BGVP SGZ-DN1S, BQEYZ K1 sound almost dull and monotonous. BGVP SGZ-DN1S does have better clarity, instrument separations, and sound stage. Bass in both these two IEMs are almost the same, but midrange and treble where SGZ-DN1S is a clear winner. K1’s mid-range is more recessed than the BGVP. In treble part also BGVP SGZ-DN1S performed better than K1. Overall other than build quality, BGVP SGZ-DN1S is cheaper and better sounding IEM than BQEYZ K1.



BGVP had already proven its potential in the premium IEM category by its sensational DM6 and DM7 IEM. In budget range IEMs now they have SGZ-DN1S, DS1, DS1 Pro, and DX5. After trying SGZ-DN1S, I can say that BGVP has successfully maintained the legacy of rich sound in budget IEMs too.

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  1. I own a ZSX, BL03, CCA C10. I want to buy something more bass centric quality wise. Would the Paiaudio DR2 be a good buy on this AE march sale compared to these?

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